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Managing print and copy is usually the start, but our software captures many other costs.

Our clients want an easy to use system to -

  • reduce printing and administration costs
  • stop resource wastage
  • manage assets effectively
  • recover expenses or costs from clients or users
  • increase profits from vending and laundry
  • improve convenience and security

Our solutions empower your ID card or identifier so it can charge services - to budgets, to clients as disbursements, or to a student's or patron's account.

Carry one campus, library, security, transport or loyalty card. It can pay for printing, copying, purchases, vending or PC time, when it accesses funds held securely in an account by our software.

Reduce operational costs

Using a staff card, document output and office costs are allocated accurately to budgets, projects or client/matter codes, cutting time spent on disbursements. Save staff from handling cash and providing services with our self service options.

Our clients have seen a significant reduction in printer waste and misuse in our real-time reports on device usage. S etting rules and reducing page counts means your investment can be returned in months.

Flexible to manage all transaction volumes and types

You can track and charge for scanning, PC time, calls, fees and fines, vending, retail purchases, parking, meals and laundry.

The more the card is used, the greater credit float in accounts, earning interest for your organisation.