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Updates to My Reservation and iPOS

Monitor believes in continual improvement. That's why we listen when our clients talk to us about what they want tweaked or changed. Monitor solutions are so flexible that sometimes we're surprised at how our solutions are being implemented, or what possibilities are our clients want to explore. We believe good ideas can come from anywhere. Thanks to discussion with our community, we've made some updates to My Reservation and iPOS that will keep things running smoothly for you and your users. Here's a rundown of the main changes we've made this time:


My Reservation update, version 8.0.12 (release date 19 Sep 2018):


  • Users can now backpay for past reservations through the Facility Reservation website.
  • As a guard against accidental cancellations, a warning will now pop up when admin users are creating or updating reservations. The warning will let the user know who has booked, whether or not it has been paid for, and give the option to cancel before proceeding.
  • 'Special' ASCII characters in the range 00 - 31 (unprintable control characters like 'backspace') now won't be recognised in the PC Client login screen.
  • Every now and then a few little bugs would force users to have to enter their details twice when logging in, or turn off the computer when logging off. We've now fixed this so logging in and out is much more secure and streamlined.


iPOS update, version 8.0.9 (release date 17 Sep 2018):


  • Different pricing models are now possible for the same items at different store locations. When items are created in iPOS, the price is linked to the store itself, rather than the central database in Supervisor Net. This means you can have site-specific price differences on particular items.


Those are the main updates for now. We're already thinking of even more ways to improve and implement our solutions to make life easier for our clients. We'll let you know about our new features and exciting developments as they happen.


If you're interested in learning more about how Monitor can help manage your organisation, contact us for a chat.