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IGLU in Brisbane's CBD. opens doors with the help of a Monitor system

  1. IGLU in Brisbane's CBD, recently open its doors to students. The monitor system has been deployed to manage the un-attended payment of laundry utilising their StarRez management system as the payment purse

  2. Students can pay for their laundry using funds on their StarRez account using a monitor touchscreen kiosk. The kiosk also allows students to reload their StarRez account using the debit or credit cards in real-time

  3. Students are able to view the status of laundry devices before even going to the laundry via monitor web view portal so they can see if any machines are free before heading to the laundry

  4. Students are also able to receive email notifications as to when their laundry cycles are about to finish

  5. All this is achieved using the students' single door access key card so no cash or 2nd card is required in order to purchase laundry cycles. The solution is 100% cash free and completely unattended.